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Photo didn't make it

Take a look at the photo. You won’t see it on the front page of Numismatic News. It, as they say about the movie industry, ended up on the cutting room floor.

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The event at which it was taken is significant. It was the official launch on Tuesday of the Adams Presidential dollar in our second President’s hometown of Quincy, Mass.

The persons in the photograph are also significant. The problem though is the photo’s composition.

The U.S. Mint director, Edmund C. Moy is on the left. There is a lot of gaping space between him and the other ceremony participants. The eye doesn’t know where to look easily.

I could show just the Mint director, but then you really wouldn’t know the context. It could be a speech delivered anywhere at anytime.

On the right of the photo, the eye goes to the historical re-enactor Sam Goodyear. He is seated with Quincy, Mass., Mayor William J. Phelan. To focus solely on these two individuals would show little energy or enthusiasm for the great day and they could be an actor and his manager conversing before the beginning of an historical play somewhere.

Then there is the fellow in the hat. He is descendant Peter Boylston Adams. It was very good of him to participate. We should all be grateful. To focus on him alone would also not do anything to give readers the idea of the great event of which he was a part.

This becomes one of many photos that I do not publish, but to see it here gives you a glimpse into how I think.

I would like to thank the U.S. Mint for providing the photo (and the one I did use) and I think the whole hobby should say thanks that Presidential dollar launch events of this kind are being staged. It helps everybody. Keep them coming.

Will we see the Jefferson dollar debut in Colonial Williamsburg accompanied by fifes and drums? I hope so.