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Phone a tool of torture

I hope I have my cell phone turned off. The only thing worse than not being able to attend all of the meetings that are scheduled each day at the American Numismatic Association convention is to be telephoned at one meeting to be asked why I am not at another, or why I cannot come immediately to the Krause Publications booth because someone has arrived there who wants to talk to me.

The KP booth is certainly the place to be.

At some conventions I wish I could simply plant myself at the booth. It is something to see, this year even more so than most. The booth has an inviting design that people can step into and we are showing off a bit with our long history in the business.

People do seem to enjoy stopping by for a little conversation. I enjoy my time there to talk to them. We are also a stop on the ANA Treasure Trivia game that ANA conducts for kids. That means youngsters come to the booth to find out what buffalo appears on the reverse of the buffalo nickel.

Sometimes the kid says the “reserve” of the nickel or he can’t pronounce reverse at all. Of course we help if the parent doesn’t step in first. Then the kids all go away with the answer and a little souvenir for their trouble: their very own Buffalo nickel.

It’s not that I don’t like being at the booth, it is simply that I can’t always be there. So, if my phone is turned off, I hope you understand.