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The Perth Mint - GoldCorp Austalia


After walking Berlin for a day and getting aqcuainted with our surroundings we began our meetings with a closed session with our friends at The Perth Mint.

In The Perth Mints private meeting room we were excited to find an extensive display of their coin products, both for Australia and other nations, which spanned a very large conference table. About half of the coins displayed can be seen in this photograph. The remaining issues could not be reproudced here, as they are under wraps until formal announcement and day of issue arrive. On Friday, I will share with you news of these new coins, which I found quite fascinating.

Berlin 2 085.jpg

The Perth Mint has been a frontrunner in developing new technologies and broaching new frontiers in modern issue coins for some time now. Their Australian Antarctic Territories seriesoffers some of the most attractive use of color I have noted. It enhances the charcater of the coins very attractive designs in a way that many other colorized coins have not achieved. Check them out at the Perth mint website,

Other coin series from the Perth Mint which you might want to explore include a stunning Tuvalu Pirate series and a Tuvalu Motorcycle series, both in color. 

Our meeting was both informative and exciting and I hope that our realtionship with The Perth Mint will grow. It is a certainty that listings for Perth Mint issued coins will grow in the upcoming new edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date.