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Perhaps we do need cheerleaders

Numismatics will have its Super Bowl before the National Football League does. It is this week. It is the whole week, but it is not a single event. At minimum it is two events.

Two major conventions are set to occur. For the U.S. coin hobby, all eyes are on the Florida United Numismatists convention Jan. 10-13 in Orlando. For the world coin hobby, all eyes will be on the New York International Numismatic Convention Jan. 11-13.

Both events have many major auctions associated with them both officially and unofficially. They begin before the conventions actually open. Many tens of millions of dollars’ worth of material goes on the auction block. How bidders respond will tell us a lot about what 2008 is going to be like for the commercial segment of the numismatic hobby.

If weather permits, I hope to arrive in Orlando on Wednesday to take as much of it in as possible with other members of the Numismatic News staff.

George Cuhaj will be in New York for the same reason.

Let’s see what happens. We don’t have bands or cheerleaders, but there are a lot of people as intensely interested in the outcome of this week as any die hard football fan.

Who are you rooting for?