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A penny, no a medal, for your thoughts

Not all things related to numismatics are coins.

One area that falls under the numismatic header, especially in Europe, is military award medals.

There is a group that promotes the collecting of these called the Orders and Medals Society of America.

It is holding its annual convention Aug. 10-13 in Grand Rapids, Mich.

A retired colleague of mine plans to attend.

He is already preparing for the trip that he and his wife will take.

He collects medals that were issued by communities across America after World War I.

They wanted to show respect and appreciation to returning veterans who fought Germany in the trenches of France.

He is a member of OMSA, and it is the collecting of medals such as these that OMSA is there to help with.

OMSA says its members collect, research and preserve orders, decorations and medals (also called decorations).

These include American and worldwide award medals of all kinds, such as orders of knighthood insignia, decorations for gallantry or distinguished service and medals for various types of service, both military and civilian.

The OMSA convention has unique aspects to it.

It is a collector-financed function.

Costs are paid by registered attendees rather than bourse table holders.

OMSA attendees pay a registration fee of $195.

For that amount, they have access to the convention floor for the four-day bourse and exhibits.

Two of the days have seminars.

A donation auction is held.

Several excellent meals and cocktail parties, including a lavish annual banquet, keep everyone in high spirits.

Anyone who wants a bourse table pays just $60 each.

Exhibit tables are available at no charge to the exhibitor.

I don’t expect a stampede of curiosity seekers at this price.

But for one day, Aug. 12, the public is invited.

OMSA says only a modest admission fee will be charged.

The convention is at Hilton’s Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, 187 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, Mich.

More information is available at

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