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Pearlman receives PNG Lifetime Achievement Award

 Donn Pearlman, left, is given the award plaque by PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman.

Donn Pearlman, left, is given the award plaque by PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman.

Congratulations to Donn Pearlman.

The Professional Numismatists Guild bestowed its Lifetime Achievement Award on him last night at its dinner in Philadelphia.

What a well-deserved honor it is.

I have worked with Donn in this field for many years, so I can personally attest to the veracity of the words PNG President Barry Stuppler used to describe Donn and his phenomenal accomplishments.

“Few individuals have brought the topic of coin collecting to the attention of more people among the general public than tonight’s winner.

“He probably ranks only behind B. Max Mehl and Q. David Bowers in this regard,” Stuppler said.

You might think this is hyperbole. It isn’t. I believe it.

Stuppler said of Donn, “His resume is so distinguished that about the only thing I can say about him where you won’t immediately know who he is, is that he once served on the ANA board of governors. This is great public service, but there is so much more to his half century of service to numismatics.

“He worked 25 years for WBBM News Radio 78 in Chicago. Among his many assignments were regular presentations on numismatic topics.

“He launched his own public relations firm after his radio career. He counts the best and brightest of numismatists among his many clients.

“He is the one who thought up the idea of offering a $10,000 reward for the missing fifth 1913 Liberty head nickel.

“The result was amazing. The nickel showed up after 41 years at the 2003 ANA convention in Baltimore in the hands of the Walton family, relatives of the last recorded owner.

“He makes his success look so easy. It isn’t. It takes hard work. No one works harder at his craft.

“He has written hundreds of articles for magazines and newspapers about numismatics. He wrote four books.

“He has been recognized by other organizations.

“The Numismatic Literary Guild bestowed its top award, the Clemy, on him in 1984.

“He was given the highest ANA Award, the Farran Zerbe, in 2015.

“Tonight, I want to say that we have saved the best award for last.

“Now it is my pleasure to present the PNG’s Lifetime Achievement Award to a man who has never been at a loss for words about numismatics, Donn Pearlman.”

As you can see, I am letting Barry’s words speak for themselves.

Putting together a record like Donn’s that extends well over half a century is truly humbling to consider. Again, congratulations.

But he is not the only one who has given much to organized numismatics.

PNG honored other outstanding individuals.

The Robert Friedberg Award for an outstanding book or other literature was presented to author Don C. Kelly for Obsolete Paper Money – A Guide With Prices, published by The Paper Money Institute, LLC, Oxford, Ohio, 2018.

The Sol Kaplan Award, which recognizes efforts and contributions in combating crimes against the numismatic community and is jointly presented by the PNG and the Lewis M. Reagan Foundation, was given to Richard Weaver of Delaware Valley Rare Coin in Broomall, Pa.

ICTA Executive Director Kathy McFadden received the Significant Contribution Award.

Anthony Terranova of New York received the Art Kagin Ambassador Award.

Charles “Charlie” Browne of New Hampshire, who passed away in May, was posthumously honored with the Abe Kosoff Founders Award.

That is quite a list of luminaries. Congratulations to all.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog for the third time in 2017 . He is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."