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Peace silver dollars show weakness

The only truly dark spot on the market continues to be Peace dollars, which have been noticeably slipping in price primarily due to a lack of interest in the series. This, too, may pass. Let’s hope it is temporary weakness, though we all know they are overshadowed by Morgan dollars.


Call the proof and mint set markets a sleeper if you like, but these have been hibernating for years. Consider any rebound in interest in older sets a surprise.

Large cents, Lincoln cents, and Morgan silver dollars continue to lead the pack regarding the most affordable yet collectible coins.

As might be expected the finest known and rare date coins continue to hold or climb in value.

For those of you reading this commentary who are coin hobby enthusiasts, the current market couldn’t offer you more opportunities. It may be difficult to realize, but to the overall general public collecting – collecting of anything, is passé. We go through these cycles periodically. If you believe in buying low and selling high, this is the time to act.

If you are an investor, or a seller, this isn’t good news. The spot price of gold, silver, platinum and copper continue to drift lower, even when their counterparts (equities) periodically struggle on Wall Street.

Coins are not a bargain, but the current price levels for all but the best of the best are more reasonable than they have been in quite some time. The wholesale buy price on a significant number of Mint State-64 and -65 graded Morgan silver dollars has been recently declining. However this isn’t necessarily being reflected in the retail prices being asked.

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