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Paypal ?

I have been thinking about opening a Paypal account so I read their legal agreement terms. I ran across some very frightening terms and not being a lawyer was wondering if I might not be understanding the terms correctly. Some questions about the Paypal legal agreement terms that I have are: if a problem like a complaint against me comes up I know they can limit my access to my Paypal account but can they also limit my access to my own bank accounts and credit cards which they refer to as “funding sources”?

Paypal can require at their option that I maintain a cash reserve and they Do Not have to pay interest on that amount?

Paypal can fine an account 2500.00 for unacceptable transactions involving porn, drugs, gambling or tobacco. Paypal rules and definitions are the same as eBay rules so I assume they could possibly also fine an account for any other forbidden transactions. I do not deal in porn, drugs, gambling or tobacco but what about a law enforcement badge or a nazi medal with a swastika on it? I have been known to buy and sell these from time to time. I have heard from others who have been accused of violating eBay rules that they were condemned without due process which is fine when limited to a privately owned internet site. But I will not subject my personal finances to such arbitrary dictates. I am simply too much of a control freak to permit that.

I have asked Paypal these questions and some polite guy with a name that sounds like he might be from India simply sent me links to the Paypal terms and agreements, I guess he didn’t understand that I had already read their terms and that is why I had these questions. What do you think?