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Patience and Fortitude turn 100, pay a visit when in NYC

This week the New York Public Library opened it's centennial exhibition. I was first introduced to the place while a High school student, and was quite impressed by the vastness of the public rooms, and the access one could have when sequestered in one of the many specialized private areas relating to maps or technology. Their exhibits are always worth the time to visit.

They have book on exhibition but also lots of "stuff" which also have been collected in recent years. Sadly, after a 1970s robbery of part of their stamp collection it was removed from public display and sold, and eventually their coin and medal collection was also sold.

The Library's 50th Anniversary medal was designed by Leonard Baskin.

Patience and Fortitude are the names of the lions flanking the 5th Avenue entrance. They were sculpted by Edward Clark Potter and carved by the Piccirilli Brothers out of Tennessee Marble.