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Passing of a friend, Larry Gentile

This week Larry Gentile died.

I meet Larry at NYC YN meetings when he would bring his kids to enjoy the programs. As time went on, Larry took on operation of these educational programs for YNs. Then Larry's programs went on the road throughout the east coast show network. ANA, GSNA, GENA, NENA, Westchester, AINA, LICC's Grand Central, The Metropolitian, the NYINC were events which benifited from his organizational skills and exposing a generation of youngsters to the broad numismatic hobby.

Recognized by the ANA with two YN Adult Advisor awards, the Zerbe Award and a Numismatic Ambassador Award from Krause Publicaitons, Larry certainly did not do these programs for the recognition as other folks did who went on to the ANA Governorship and Presidency. Larry was not shook up when other folks took ownership and credit for programs he handled. He was easy to like and work with, appreciative of any support one could give to aid the program, and and let a lot of stuff roll off his back.

I'm glas that in the past few months, some of the young folks he helped bring to hobby to have now steped up to continue the programs that his advancing illness prevented him from attending.

I enjoyed his participation at Westchester Coin Club and Long Island Coin Club meetings, always willing to share his knowledge, adn quite willing to ask questions to learn more.