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Paper money series change coming?

Will we see a new series of Federal Reserve Notes as the result of this year’s elections?

Could be.

The series date would change should a new secretary of the Treasury be appointed.

That would make it a Series 2011. Funny, I just received my first 2009 series $1 Federal Reserve Note at lunch on Monday. Perhaps that is why I am thinking about the future of paper money.

One way a President signals that he has gotten the message from the voters and plans to chart a new course is to change cabinet officers.

Such a cabinet shuffle has impact only if it affects the major departments such as State, Defense and Treasury.

Since the Treasury Department has been at the heart of all of the recent financial storms and the Treasury Secretary is the lightning rod for all of the pent up frustrations of voters, members of Congress and even foreign finance ministers at international conferences, the secretaryship would be the office to change.

Will it happen?

What do you think?