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Output slides in month of August

August monthly output at the U.S. Mint’s circulating coin production facilities dropped by 28 percent from the prior month.


With the exception of dime and dollar output at Philadelphia, it was a clean sweep in the down column.

For the month, just over 1.3 billion coins were struck compared to just over 1.8 billion.

Round number fans will note that nickel out put for calendar year 2016 has now crossed the one billion mark. Dime output has passed the two billion figure.

Philadelphia struck 1.12 million Presidential dollar coins in August, compared to none in the prior month. Denver struck no Presidential dollars in August.

No half dollars and no golden dollars, as the Mint calls Native American pieces, were coined in August.

Cent production of 678.4 million pieces comprised 52 percent of August monthly Mint output. However, for the year as a whole, cents are more than 56 percent of total output.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News Express.

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