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Output passes 8 billion

July circulating coin production at the U.S. Mint pushed 2018 output past the 8 billion mark.

Philadelphia and Denver together struck 1,403,160,000 coins.


In the first seven months, the two production facilities cranked out 8,342,974,000 coins.

Normally, the two mints pace each other, but in July Philadelphia clearly outproduced Denver with 755,140,000 coins.

That is 107.12 million more than the Denver total of 648.02 million.

Cents as usual held the top spot in numbers of coins produced in July at 782 million. Nearly 56 percent of all coins produced were cents.

Dimes followed with 295 million.

Then quarters narrowly edged out nickels, 164.4 million compared to 161.76 million.

No half dollars or golden dollars were made in July. Those that are produced arrive early in the year so they can be sold directly to collectors in bags and rolls. None is struck for use in regularly banking channels.

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