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Ostromecki seeks ANA presidency

You might be paying attention to the presidential election set for Nov. 6, but there will be another presidential election in June 2013 that will have a larger impact on collectors. It will be then that members of the American Numismatic Association will select a new president.

The first candidate to officially throw his hat into this ring is the current vice president, Walter Ostromecki.

He has been part of the reform group that gained control in 2007. This group has been busy rebuilding and refocusing our national organization.

The California hobbyist made his official announcement while attending the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association convention, which was held Sept. 28-30 in Portland, Ore.

At a PNNA board meeting, he said, “I am excited to say that I have decided to run for the ANA presidency in the upcoming 2013 elections ... I believe my 38-year background in California in public education is a major plus for the ANA, something from which I can draw upon to assist the ANA in carrying out its core mission education mandate.”

He offered a 6-point campaign platform.

1. He said he hoped ANA would partner education-wise with some of the larger numismatic conventions nationwide. This would entail sending ANA staff and mini-museum numismatic showcase exhibits.

2. He would offer numismatic hobby training to the ANA staff to further numismatic education of the membership.

3. His goal in the ongoing ANA website improvement process includes more online study programs for all levels of collectors. He thinks photo grading is a particular need that should be offered free to members and for a fee to non-members.

4. He wants to beef up the role of the Advisory Council on the educational side of the ANA, utilizing the many talents of past officials such as Q. David Bowers and Ken Bressett.

5. Ostromecki offers a positive response to recent Young Numismatist requests for a greater say in how the organization is run by setting up a rotating six-month board participation by what he calls an intern who would see how the organization is governed.

6. He would like to establish a recruitment-member satisfaction committee that would be charged with the task of finding ways to improve the membership experience.

Ostromecki is also looking for input from members. I suggest you take advantage of his expressed willingness to listen by emailing your thoughts to him at

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."