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Order time for 2015 coins

Which product should the Mint put on sale first in 2015?

You are correct if you guessed the 2015 proof silver American Eagle.

Proof silver Eagles are perennial favorites that have even eclipsed proof sets as annual staples of collector interest.

The 2015 one-ounce coin will become available from the Mint on Jan. 2, 2015, a full 10 days before the bullion silver Eagles will be sold to the Mint’s Authorized Purchasers.

The Mint released its 2015 product schedule first thing this morning. Thanks for getting it out there quickly. Collectors will now have the opportunity to plan their budgets for next year, though there are some expensive items to come with no sales dates attached.

At least one unscheduled product will make collectors’ hearts race.

Sometime in 2015 there will come a 24-karat high relief gold coin as well as a high relief silver medal.

Can these surpass collector interest in the 2009 Saint-Gaudens ultra hgh relief coin?

We’ll see.

But they will have good art. The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee is seeing to that.

First Spouse gold coins are also not yet put into the Mint's sales schedule. This is an expensive series prone to striking problems and a lack of collector interest.

However, the Mint products that have been scheduled should generate some intense collector interest as well.

The first big ticket items scheduled to go on the market will be the U.S. Marshals gold, silver and clad commemoratives. They become available Jan. 29.

On Feb. 3 the America the Beautiful clad quarters proof set can be purchased.

Though no specific dates were announced, March will see the availability of the first collector version of the P-mintmark 5-ounce silver coin of the year. This honors Nebraska's Homestead National Monument.

The Presidential dollars proof set, 2015 gold American Eagle proofs and the March of Dimes commemorative silver dollars will also hit the market in March.

Also in March will come the regular proof set and the “W” mintmarked collector uncirculated silver Eagle.

The proof gold Buffalo one-ounce coin will stampede into view in April as well as the uncirculated collector version.

The standard mint set and the second 5-ounce silver coin for Louisiana's Kisatchie National Forest are also on the April release list.

In May comes the silver proof set.

Then we skip to July for the third 5-ounce silver coin honoring North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway.

The fourth 5-ouncer for Delaware's Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is slated for October and the 5-ounce piece for New York's Saratoga National Historical Park will come in December.

A March of Dimes special set will appear at some point. Will this be a sleeper? Will the Mint put something into it that collectors will just have to have?

If you are a fan of dollar coin bags and rolls, or Kennedy half dollars, they are arranged to be released throughout the year, but I will refer hobbyists interested in specifics to the Mint’s website.

Here is the link:

And if you are sitting on the fence about ordering 2014 Civil Rights commemoratives, you have until noon Eastern Time Dec. 30 to place your order.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is winner of the 2014 Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."