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Only proofs left for Scout coin

The final phase of the Boy Scout commemorative silver dollar sales has begun. We’ve all been waiting for a sellout.

The first shoe to drop was the uncirculated dollar. The Mint is now placing orders on a waiting list. This means those potential buyers will receive coins only if someone else cancels an order or returns the coins.

For now, the proof version is still being sold. I expect to receive the latest sales figures at some point today, but since I do not have them, I will have to do a little speculating.

Last week there were 37,347 coins left to sell. Sales were running at about 22,000 a week. That likely means we are sitting at around 15,000 left and those are proofs.

Can I be wrong? Sure.

Sales often accelerate as the end approaches. Fence sitters decide to jump.

If this scenario plays out, we are much closer to a sellout.

If sales continue to decelerate at the pace that occurred last week, there are probably 17,000 or 18,000 of the proof coins still available.

The upshot is: if you want a proof, get that order in now.