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One election over, next one starts

Tomorrow America votes and then stops thinking about elections for a while.

Collectors, on the other hand, can start thinking about next year’s election to fill the seats on the American Numismatic Association board of governors.

Candidates can begin the ANA paperwork process today.

Tom Hallenbeck has thrown his hat in the ring to be the next president.

He thinks the present board has done a terrific job and he plans to continue on the path laid out by it.

Since the budget is now showing a surplus and nobody is currently suing the ANA for damages, a “steady as she goes” approach probably feels logical to members and is the direct opposite of how the American electorate is feeling.

Hallenbeck, who runs his own coin business in Colorado Springs, Colo., is a two-term governor and the current vice president.

Will he have any opposition?

Would-be opponents have until the March filing deadline to appear. However, all of the rumbling so far has indicated that the contest will be for the vice presidency where Walter Ostromecki is already publicly declared and Wendell Wolka has hinted that he will run, including flashing “I’m running” slides during a Numismatic Literary Guild Bash PowerPoint program in August.

What happens with the governors? Joe Boling will step down. He much prefers the role of chief judge.

Others have not been rushing to make their intentions public.

So, get ready for the ANA election next June. One thing for sure, there will not be any candidate television commercials.