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Old friend returns to boxes for a short stay

2006 American Eagle gold proof coins nearing sales limits.

Editor's note: To see the first-day coin cover sales figures, refer to the print edition of Numismatic News.

Seeing old friends is always a kick. It?s fun catching up on what?s happening in your lives and reminiscing about the glory days.

So, in the spirit of such meetings, I give you the return of the first-day coin covers. It?s been awhile since they last appeared in Mint Stats and there is some news to report.

We have sales figures for the Nebraska and the Nevada first-day coin covers. The box below has them both.

Recently, a Numismatic News reader e-mailed me, wondering where the first-day coin cover sales figures have been. So, I thought it would be a good time to get that e-mailer, and anyone else who?s interested, caught up on what?s happening with them.

As for the rest of the sales figures, Nebraska quarters keep rolling along, with 32,514 100-coin bags sold so far. I brought back the final Nevada quarter sales figures so you could compare the two.

Soon, it?ll be time for the Colorado quarter to come on board and then we?ll bid Nebraska farewell. We?ll treat the occasion with as much pomp and circumstance as it warrants. And, like an old friend, maybe I?ll bring back Nebraska?s final sales figures to say, ?Hello? sometime, just like the Nevada statistics.

One item of note regarding gold proof American Eagle sales. The one-ounce piece is approaching its mintage limit, as you can see.

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