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Ohio theft nets coins

Total worth of the theft was $56,000.
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Dealer Jerry Morgan reported the theft of more than $56,000 worth of mostly modern Canadian bullion and commemorative coins from his car on Sunday, March 19. The theft occurred around 9 p.m. while the car was parked in the lot of a Clairesville, Ohio, restaurant. The following is a list of some of the items that were stolen:

l 18 Canada one-ounce gold 2006 Maple Leaves.
l 19 Canada one-ounce palladium 2006 Maple Leaves.
l 17 rolls of 20 each, Canada 2006 Silver Maple Leaves.
l 170 Canada one-ounce silver 1990 Maple Leaves.
l Two Canada 2006 .9999 gold Flower coins.
l 50 Canada 2001 Beaver coin and stamp sets.
l 90 Poland silver 2005 coins of Pope John Paul II.
l 20 Canada Arctic Fox silver 2004 coin sets.
l 50 Canada 2004 Grizzly Bear coin and stamp sets.
l 40 Canada 2005 World War II silver commemorative four-coin sets.
l 55 Canada 2005 WWII silver nickel sets.
l 60 Canada 2004 Iceberg holographic silver coins.

Anyone with information on the theft can contact Deputy Chad Kulpa, Bel-mont County Sheriff?s Office, at (740) 695-7933; case number 06-1405-7.