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Office can be anywhere

When you come into the office each day as I do, it is very easy to lose the sense of wonder over what is possible with today’s computer technology.

However, this morning I had an e-mail from Harry Miller, the Numismatic News "Coin Market" price guide editor.

That in itself is not unusual. We work by e-mail communication.

But this morning’s message renewed my sense of the wonders and advantages of technology.

Here it is:

“We are in transit to Boston by boat. I am sending this from Nantucket Sound with the nearest land about 10 miles away in the fog. Modern technology is just great, when it works. Have a wonderful day and see you all at the ANA.”

Technology, indeed, is great when it works. The very idea of being able to work and to be sailing simultaneously up the East Coast of the United States from Florida in a private boat once was something only the ultra rich used to be able to do. Now it affects my daily life.

Considering my career started with typewriters and phone calls that usually began with the caller telling me, “This is long distance,” I have to ask why I am sitting at this desk. Why am I not sitting on the shore of a beautiful Wisconsin lake instead?

Someday it might just happen.