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Obama Inaugural Medal also ran nicer than official medal. IMHO.

As is often the case with art designed by committees, the final product is often not as good as it could have been.

One of the most widely distributed medals in the United States today are those for the presidential inauguration, and it is commissioned by the bi-partisian inauguration committee. The 2009 effort was designed by Marc Mellon, and struck at the Medalcraft Mint of Green Bay, Wis.

Obama obv.jpg

However, as medal firms compete for the honor of the commission, most firms hire a sculptor on speculation, often to do portraits of each canidate, with only one then proceeding into production past the November election date.

The firm of Medallic Art Company had commissioned Daniel Altshuler to sculpt their designs, which sadly (IMHO) were not accepted by the committee. The high relief profile portrait is very similar to an early FDR issue and a JFK issue. Nice and classic. Sadly, if I were to critique something, it would be the patina, or lack of one. A bit more darkening contrast with the high relief sculpt could only enhance the design.

Obama rev.jpg

Not wanting to see a good thing not see production, Daniel has provately produced 250 bronze examples in a 3 inch size. He is offering them for $154.50 postpaid to US addresses.

He can be contacted directly at: Daniel Altshuler, 50 Blackburn Center, Gloucester, MA 01930