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Numismaster continues to grow!

Numbers are a form of measurement, this week it was reported that there were over 50,000 registered users on Numismaster.

Although I like the high number of users, It is the content on Numismaster that is of importance to me - the information of coin types and their associated date and mintmark listings.

Those numbers are informative too, and they keep on growing in many areas. This year growth has been seen in the areas of the German States and the 17-18th century Italian States listings (In anticipation of the recently released German States 3rd edtion and the forthcoming fall book on the 17th century World Coins. Tom Michael and I have been adding several hundred new listings (as well as photos) for the forthcoming 6th edition of Unusual World Coins. In addition to the constant stream of 21st century world coins!

So, what are those numbers - well, this week we have passed 167,100 coin types, which have 430,000 date/mint mark listings.

And with that we have lots of photos (but I can't do that count without some assistance).