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Numbers up, but Little Rock has ways to go

The Little Rock Coin and Medal Set looks like it

The Little Rock Coin and Medal Set looks like it?s on its way to a sellout, albeit not as quickly as might have been expected for such a limited mintage.
An Associated Press story circulating around May 30 said that Little Rock commems would be in short supply, but it was basing this assessment on a report from the Central High National Historic Site Visitor?s Center in Little Rock, which sold all 500 coins it had ordered within 30 minutes. This week?s numbers show a healthy 354,428 Little Rock coins to go before bumping against the maximum mintage.
John Adams dollar bags and rolls rolled on in their second week. They have yet to hit their stride if they are going to match Washington options.
For the record, 2007 American Buffalo gold proofs make their first appearance in the stats this week.