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November 11th. Some Veteran's Day thoughts

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day.

As a Cub Scout, my Den Mother was interested in helping us pas our acheivement arrows and my choice for collections was stamps, and in cam my 1960 pile of US mint issues. One was for Servicemen. During the course of the conversation she mentioned that she was a Gold Star Mother, having lost her eldest son in the war (Vietnam). It was at about a month later that she brought in photos of her receiving a medal from President Nixon - her son had been awarded the Medal of Honor. That impressed me even as a kid.

I still see her on occasion on my visits back to Astoria. I've visited her son's name on the wall in D.C. It is interesting how it all mixes in.

When I was attracted to collecting WWI items, the Gold Star Pilgrimage Medals from the United States Steamship Company and the additional medal from the federal government got my interest as the first showed a steamship, the Statue of Liberty and were struck by Tiffany & Co. I eventually wrote a TAMS Journal article about them. It was interesting to realize that there is now only one U.S. WW I veteran still alive.

However, it is also the anniversary of my father's death. 15 Years ago. Wow.

So, find a serviceman to thank, visit a local veterans home or hospital, support a Gold Star Mother.