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Not my usual mail

You might know what the wages of sin are, but how about the wages of blogging?

I have been introduced to the power of my blog by a surprise package yesterday. Just before lunch I received a phone call from the mailroom. There was a big box there waiting for me that had been delivered by FedEx.

How big was it, I asked. Pretty big was the reply. I said I would be there right away.

Usually I receive catalogs and they are about as big as it gets. Not this time. Oh, no. The box with my name on it was the biggest box I think I have ever received. It was even bigger than the Christmas sampler box Grover Criswell sent to my first boss back in 1978. It was more like a foot locker if not bigger.

I had to find a cart to haul it to my desk. I got it there and then I went to lunch.

I started to open it as my afternoon got under way and I showed editorial staffer Maggie Pahl the first thing in it. It was a heavy, leatherlike album that looked like it could have been an old family Bible.It was a paper money album.

I summoned Sue Konkel and Robbie Cain from the ad department and it was like opening presents. Rich-looking albums and fancy simulated wooden chests caused the four of us to ooh and aah.


The box was sent by a company whose chief operating officer had read one of my blogs about marketing Presidential dollars. He liked it. He wanted to show me how his firm did it. He invited me to call. I will. He has gotten my attention.

How about yours?