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Not known for its name

CONECA is a hobby organization that should be more often in the public eye and have more members.

I think this every time I publish a story about a newly reported error coin. Inevitably I receive e-mails and letters asking about errors following the stories. I know this topical area is popular and these contacts just prove it.

However, to be able to properly identify errors and to collect them intelligently takes some education. CONECA, which stands for Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America, is an organization that can help in this process if hobbyists would take a few minutes to join.

Dues are $25 and I am sure that figure will stop most would-be joiners. It is a shame, because the learning process is not free. You either pay upfront with dues, or somewhere down the line a mistake with a purchase might cost you more than the annual dues ever would.

Yeah, I know it sounds like I am getting on my high horse, but editors are allowed that occasionally in the name of furthering the hobby educational process.

Visit See what you think. The time to act is now rather than when you find that funny looking coin that might be worth 25 cents or $250. Becoming able to tell the difference is worth the effort. This is a good place to start.