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Nominate now for Numismatic Ambassador Awards

Organized numismatics could not exist without volunteers to do the work. That is a fact.

Another fact is that these volunteers do not get enough recognition.

To remedy that, the Florida United Numismatists presents five Numismatic Ambassador Awards each year to deserving volunteers as a formal pat on the back for all their efforts on behalf of numismatics.

 In 2005, Milwaukee Numismatic Society member Lee R. Hartz received the Numismatic Ambassador Award. (Image courtesy

In 2005, Milwaukee Numismatic Society member Lee R. Hartz received the Numismatic Ambassador Award. (Image courtesy

This award is national in scope in that it is given to individuals who reside anywhere in the 50 states. However, it is as close as your local coin club. It is a grass-roots award. Award recipients come from all aspects of the hobby. Just as importantly, nominations are made from the grass roots. If you know someone who is deserving of the award, please submit your nomination.

Confirming the grass-roots nature of the award is the process by which winners are chosen. Once all nominations have been received, they are assembled by FUN’s award administrator Tony Swicer into a ballot.

A ballot featuring all the nominations received by the Sept. 1 deadline is sent out to all of the living Numismatic Ambassador Award recipients.

These individuals collectively form the grass-roots panel of judges who vote. Their top five choices will then be given the next group of Ambassador Awards.

There are more than 200 living Ambassadors. The group has individual hobbyists who come from all walks of life and all parts of the country.

There is such a large number because the Ambassador Award was founded in 1974 by Clifford Mishler and sponsored for 40 years by Numismatic News.

In 2015, FUN took over. Under Swicer’s guiding hand, FUN has done an incredible job of carrying on the traditions of the award. Roughly 380 awards have been given since 1974.

The next five winners will form the Class of 2019. They will be given their awards Jan. 11, 2019, at the awards breakfast in Orlando during the annual FUN convention.

I have been asked to emcee the breakfast and present the plaques and pins that go to the new Numismatic Ambassadors. It is an honor to do this. It is my part.

Please do your part. Nominate a future Numismatic Ambassador for 2019. I am sure you know someone who is worthy of this recognition.

Email or mail your nomination form (click here) to Tony Swicer, FUN Administrator, Numismatic Ambassador Award Program, at, or by writing P.O. Box 5823, Lake Worth, FL 33466.

“You can help keep this prestigious award going by nominating a deserving numismatist,” said Swicer. No doubt about it, our future is in your hands.

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