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KP Update

Work is almost finished on the 2nd edition of The Standard Catalog of World Coins 21st Century and the brand new Standard Catalog of Modern World Gold Coins 1st edition. Editorial work has been completed on both books, and they are now in the hands of our fine production and design staffs, who will wrap them up and send them off to the printers within the next three weeks. By early July both books should be available for purchase.

Begining now and running through the summer months the editorial staff will be working on new editions of the 18th Century Standard Catalog of World Coins 4th edition and an expanded 5th edition of the ever popular Unusual World Coins . By the beginning of August we should have all editorial content set for the 18th Century book, while content for Unusual World Coins will be wrapped up by the end of September. If anyone has comments, additions, or suggestions for these two catalogs, just drop me a line!