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No time for the mint julep

At some points this week, no sooner did I hang up the telephone for one call, than another caller was on the line. Wednesday was particularly noteworthy for this.

When I came in this morning, my telephone message light was blinking in order to tell me messages were waiting. This happened often this week. It seemed every time I left my desk for lunch or for a meeting, I came back to the flashing red light.

Has summer ended?

Is organized numismatics back in session after its summer vacation?

You might laugh at this notion but more years than not, there is a seasonal summer slowdown.

We have had one from late June until this week judging from the combined volume of my email, mail and phone calls.

Boy, this week we sure snapped back in a hurry.

Perhaps it is the weather.

It has been hot, hot, hot here in Iola, Wis., and elsewhere. When it gets as warm as it is, I tend to want to slow down and not set too strenuous a pace.

Readers had other ideas.

Perhaps they were thinking about numismatics because they were forced inside their nicely air conditioned environments, and as long as they had to be indoors, they once again took up their favorite indoor hobby.

I expect the faster pace will continue now that we are nearing the August American Numismatic Association convention and dealers and collectors who are going must make their preparations.

The outside air temperature indicates summer is in full swing, but inside the slower days of summer are over and its back to business. There goes the mint julep.