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No, I’m not hiding

I’m sweating and it is not the Memphis heat. I have so many assignments here that it will be a wonder if I can get them all done.

I have to check out the exhibits so I can give the “Bank Note Reporter Most Inspirational Exhibit Award” tomorrow at the Society of Paper Money Collectors meeting.

It would be an easier task if Martin Delger didn’t pack the place with more than 100 cases year after year.

There are a number of people I have to interview for Coin Chat Radio. My handy recorder is in my jacket pocket (yes, I am wearing a suit).

Photos need to be taken for the next issue of Bank Note Reporter and I need a few dealer quotes to go with them. Tomorrow is a solid day of meetings and I won’t get much chance to simply float with the current on the bourse floor.

It is good to have a purpose at a show. You get more done that way, but if you happen to be looking for me at the bourse table, you probably won’t find me. It might be quicker to have me paged.

Just know that I’m not hiding.