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No Britney but silver lining

When I started writing this blog almost five years ago, it was a learning experience. It still is. Topics that I think might be well received aren’t, or topics that I think are ordinary sometimes strike a special chord that I had not realized I had put in them.

It became a joke internally in those early days that if I mentioned Britney Spears that I would get more hits than I was used to. The first time I mentioned her I had a good reason. The online hits added up quickly. The second time I mentioned the name was simply to test the merits of this office joke. By golly, it worked, again but since I had no other reason to mention her name, I stopped doing so.

Nowadays, the Britney effect occurs whenever I write about silver. Fortunately for me, I have more occasion to write about the precious metal than I could ever have writing about the singer.

But like Britney, silver cannot be put in the blog day in and day out to any good effect.

There are headline topics as well that are guaranteed to draw great interest. Ron Paul might someday prove that there is no gold in Fort Knox. I can imagine what his first day in the Oval Office will be like if he gets there.

Bottom line regarding the blog experience is the importance of the regular readers. I appreciate that they will look at not only the great stuff that I write, but also the regular stuff.

I particularly like reading your comments. Reader letters were what persuaded me to subscribe to Numismatic News 42 years ago. Since then I have never lost interest in what collectors are thinking.

Keep your comments coming. I will try not to mention Britney again. Silver? Gold? Coins?

Count on it.