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No anniversary without readers

When an issue of Numismatic News goes to press, I get an incredible feeling of satisfaction. Everything that I could do is done. There is a paper full of all sorts of information that is important that week. Then it is time to erase the slate and start again.

Some deadlines, though, are a little more challenging than others. The 55th anniversary issue of Numismatic News goes to press later today. It is 120 pages huge.

I would like to thank all of the many individuals who shared their memories with us to make this special issue possible.

It is not a typical issue. It was not produced in a typical manner. With the larger reader input, the content goes where the readers want it to go. Some things I would have done without their help. Some things would never have occurred to me and I find myself thinking that this or that is a clever idea.

It is a learning experience all the way around. I hope you enjoy it when you receive it in the mail. The cover date is Oct. 13, the date of that first issue back in 1952, which went into the mail almost three years before I was born.

To be celebrating such an anniversary, is a milestone. It could not have been achieved without readers. Thanks to one and all. Let’s join up again for the 60th.