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Nice Uniform But No Salute

Once in a while if a collector spends time looking through old military pictures some thing like the one below will surface. Looking somewhat like a cross between a hussar and a bellboy with lots of decoration but few if any medals or badges are the German student groups uniforms. This one is only wearing a fob-like decoration similar the one next to the photo. These student groups (lots of them) which flourished from the early 1800s-1930s were much like fraternities but more militaristic and patriotic in nature. They developed a blood-brotherhood through their ritualistic dueling between the various groups. These duels were often pre-arranged so that every member was assured of getting the required scar badge of honor. The duels were often held in secret with an attending physician and consisted of a series of individual duels between opponents in heavy protective clothing facing off and hacking away at each other without any sword fighting skills as if their feet were rooted to the ground. The only object was to stand your ground until you drew blood or became too bloody to continue. I guess since I can only read about this ritual I will never be able to understand it enough to respect it.