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NGC slabs regulated gold

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The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation reports it certified six rare early American regulated gold pieces that were submitted during the New York International Numismatic Convention. Regulated gold coins represent an important era in United States coin circulation history.

A 1778 Great Britain Guinea hallmarked by famous coiner Ephraim Brasher.

Included in the submission was this 1778 Great Britain Guinea hallmarked by famous coiner Ephraim Brasher.

Before the U.S. began minting coins, foreign coins were used in commerce. In order to facilitate their circulation, the coins were clipped or had a plug added, regulating them to a specific weight. They were then stamped with a dollar value and the hallmark of the assayer.

The regulated gold piece Guinea in an NGC slab.

The regulated gold piece, once a Great Britain Guinea, in an NGC slab.

Five of the submitted coins bear the hallmark of Ephraim Brasher, a famous gold and silversmith. He is well known for producing the Brasher doubloon, the first gold coin minted for the United States. Joseph Richardson, Jr. stamped the other regulated gold piece.

NGC states the dealer who sent the coins in noticed the interesting countermarks and was unaware of their rarity.

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News Express.
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