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Next Legend sale in May

Legend Rare Coin Auctions will sell two important collections in the firm’s 26th Regency Auction. It is looking for other consignments also.


Legend will call the official auction of the Professional Coin Grading Service May 2018 Members Only Show in New Orleans.

The Oak Crest Collection is a group of Carson City gold half eagles. These were carefully assembled over the last two decades by a dedicated collector. According to the firm, his eye for quality was exceptional. The collector sourced his coins from several of the biggest dealers and auction houses. The set is complete with one exception.

It is missing the 1870-CC. The collector never found an example that suited his tastes, Legend reports. Rather than include an inferior coin in his set, he left that hole open.

The coins in the Oak Crest Collection are impressive on their own, but when viewed together, and seeing how they all match, not just in grades, but in terms of eye appeal, you clearly can tell assembling the set was a labor of love for the Oak Crest collector.

Next up are Peace dollars. On the heels of the record-breaking sale of his collection of Indian Head eagles in the October 2017 Regency Auction, the Crow River collector has decided to auction his set of Peace dollars.

These coins were carefully assembled, Legend says. They include coins pedigreed to Jack Lee and Bob Simpson. The offering of the Crow River Peace dollars presents a great opportunity for any advanced collector to upgrade sets with these beautiful, high-end pieces, the firm indicated. It should be noted that the vast majority of this set is white, and most coins are CAC-approved.

“We are honored to have been selected to present these two wonderful collections in our 26th Regency Auction,” said Legend Auctions president Julie Abrams.

“With nearly two months before the consignment deadline, we know that an incredible selection of rare coins will be in the offing. These two collections will serve as the anchor to the sale, and the groundwork has been laid for an amazing auction,” she said. Contact her by email at

“There is an almost mythological aura surrounding coins from the Carson City mint,” said Senior Numismatist Greg Cohen. “Any specialized offering, especially of the gold coins, creates a stir in the collecting community. While the eagles and double eagles are more commonly offered, the half eagles are a very challenging series to collect, but unlike the other two series, none are cost prohibitive. The Oak Crest Collection will be remembered for years for its quality and eye appeal.”

“The Crow River Peace dollars were a fun side project for the collector,” explains LRCA founder Laura Sperber. “The collector grew impatient waiting for the coins needed to complete his collection of Indian Head eagles, so he put this set together in the meantime. Over the two sales since his eagles sold, Peace dollars in LRCA auctions have done very well, realizing in some cases, ‘moon money’ and beyond! He made the decision that now would be a great time to pass these beautiful gems to new homes.”

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