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Will you buy a gold, silver or bronze inaugural medal honoring Barack Obama?
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From the Nov. 28 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:


Q.Will you buy a gold, silver or bronze inaugural medal honoring Barack Obama?

No, I most likely will not purchase an inaugural medal. I never have purchased a presidential medal, although I won a large bronze one to commemorate the second term for President Nixon via a numismatic contest way back when in the ‘80s.
I’d rather save and buy the special commemoratives for my buddy Abe in 2009 and the commemoratives for the Native Americans in 2009, plus the series quarters for the United States territories, Washington D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, American Merianas, etc. also beginning in 2009. Thanks again.

Kenyon Miers
Esperance, N.Y.

You bet I will be purchasing a silver Obama inaugural medal! I personally would love to buy all three, but since gold’s out of the question, (for me) I’ll just get a silver and be very happy with having that!
Such a historic event of having our first black president, I think these medals will be a very hot item.

Mike Rothwell
Decorah, Iowa

I plan to buy two of the silver medals, one for my wife because she is a die hard democrat, and one for myself as a collector item.

Dewitt Duckett
Belmont, N.C.

Nope, not me. This may sound a little nasty, but to me, Democrats are socialist and I don’t believe in socialism (or any ism) and cannot and will not support this. Sorry if it makes anyone angry, but we all have opinions and I sometimes like to express mine.

Chris Bellew
Summerville, S.C.

I did not vote for him and I will not buy the medals.

John Ezell
Jonesboro, La.

My answer to your question about the possible purchase of inaugural medals for 2009, would have to be a qualified “yes.” I am mindful of the astonishing history that was been made on Nov. 4, 2008, and the even-more-historic event coming on Jan. 20, 2009.
I say my positive answer is “qualified” only because I do not know what the cost of these three medals will be. However, if the cost is not prohibitive, I will be first in line.
This coming inauguration is especially important to African-Americans, and understandably so. As a second generation Italian-American, I too, am very proud to see the American son of a man from another country become president of the USA.
For many of us who were seriously worried about the “American Dream” slipping into mythology, this rise to the top by a biracial man, raised partly in a single-parent home, then in his grandmother’s home, is proof that “dream” is still within the grasp of the common man (and woman).
There is no refuting the fact that the election of Senator Obama to the highest office in the land has brought legions of disenchanted youth into to our political process, many for the first time.
The inauguration of our 44th President will, no doubt, serve as inspiration for uncountable numbers of young
Americans, and will serve as proof positive that they need not be the son of a former President nor the heir to a billionaire’s dynasty, to rise to the top in 21st Century America.
This coming January 20th will mean many things to many people, and they will not all be the same things, to be sure,--- but to deny the significance of this inauguration would be small-minded, and moot.
If it were possible to see up into heaven, I think America would see Abe Lincoln smiling back our way.

Dana E. Gillespie
Tampa, Fla.

I certainly will, this is not only a commemorative coin, but an
historic coin w/o precedence. I may be against the Mint for going overboard w/ issues
of just about everything they could dream up, however here we are talking
about the 1st Black President.
I was raised in the projects of the South Bronx, before moving to
Oregon 45 years ago and found myself among very hard-working and friendly people
who simply didn’t understand what was eventually coming. Well, he’s
here and like the motto on our coinage “In God We Trust” perhaps now, people
will start to finally Trust, Change and believe.

Kevin P.A. Brady-Jones
Eugene, Oregon

Would I buy them? No way. I will never waste my money on anything that reminds me of him.

George Furr
High Point NC

I plan to buy the Medals for my collection of Black Americans in
Numismatic. The collection include
Currency sign by the four Black Registers of the U.S. Treasury, lasts
old type U.S. Commemorative
silver half dollars, Jackie Robinson gold coins set, BRWP Commemorative
and the American Anti-slavery
Society hard time token. The inauguration medals will do fine in my

Charles W. Warren Sr
Indianapolis, Indiana

Yes, possible, as I believe this election was truly a watershed for our country, however, I have not been a big medals purchaser in the past.

Charles M.
Philadelphia, PA