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Newman's 5th Edition Early Paper Money in House

Early Paper Money of America - Also Available


The 5th edition of The Early Paper Money of America book, by Eric Newman is now in stock and available through our KP Bookstoreonline. You should also be able to find this new edition of the old classic at most, if not all, numismatic book dealers.


The new edition offers some excellent improvements, including many color images, countless text revisions, updated and expanded note values from Stuart Levine encompassing the highest grades currently available and more. This nearly 500 page hardcover is essential to any numismatic library for it's comprehensive coverage of American Colonial Paper Money. The cover price is $95.00 and it's worth every penny.

Kudo's really need to be extended to all the folks involved in bringing this 5th edition to market. It was a massive task that carried on for several years and we have these people to thank for it's completion:

Eric P. Newman- for his enthusiasm and expansive research and updates

Stuart Levine - for his vast and highly accurate updating of market values

Kara Grundman - for her outstanding efforts at designing a comfortably flowing reference work

George Cuhaj- for his expert assistance in acquiring and processing color images

and last, but not least,

Randy Thern - for his dedication and perseverance in guiding this book project through several years of internal company changes

Thanks for bringing a great new edition of this classic reference work back to the Early American market!