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New Standard Catalog 1701-1800 Just Out

4th Edition SCWC 1701-1800 Back From Printer

This afternoon we recieved several advance copies of our new 18th Century Standard Catalog of World Coins. Stock should be available for purchase any day now, so stop by our KP Books web sales site and place your order, or pre-order it at Amazon.

This is our 4th edition of the SCWC 1701-1800 and the 3rd edition, produced five years ago back in 2002, has been out of print for some time now. At 1283 pages this new edition has a bit more heft that the last one and the white pages look clean and clear compared to my previous edition, which is all marked up and rough looking now. It will be nice to have a new edition to work with!

I see that the designer ran this book a little tighter by stringing the countries together, rather than starting each country on a new page, so there is less wasted space. It's also worth noting that the images seem very clear and sharp on this light white paper.

If you have any questions, let me know and once you have had a chance to scan through your own new 4th edition SCWC 1701-1800, feel free to comment to this posting.