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New office means a new address

 Saying hello from the new front entrance of F+W Media are current and former 'Numismatic News' graphic designers Rebecca Vogel (left) and Nicole MacMartin (right).

Saying hello from the new front entrance of F+W Media are current and former 'Numismatic News' graphic designers Rebecca Vogel (left) and Nicole MacMartin (right).

Settling into the new offices of Numismatic News has occupied a considerable amount of time recently.

But the process is now complete.

It was not without drama. The worst snowstorm we have ever had in Iola, Wis., impeded the transfer of equipment and other materials from Iola to the new office in Stevens Point. Opening at our new location was delayed for a day as a consequence.

I am now in the process of getting used to a half-hour drive. I was spoiled for 40 years by practically being able to roll out of bed into my desk chair. No more.

I promised to publish the mailing address when I had it properly confirmed. I can do so now.

Here it is:

F+W Media, Inc.
5225 Joerns Drive, Suite 2
Stevens Point, WI 54481

You might wonder why I did not publish this a little sooner.

Can I call it instinct? Blind luck?

I waited a bit. Yesterday, we had an email letting us know that we had to add Suite 2 to the address because the post office needs to distinguish among the three firms in this office complex.

So instead of telling people to modify an address, I am simply providing the new one here.

Naturally, if you can email me at, that would be best of all. It has not changed. It gets here more quickly than snail mail.

My telephone number also has not changed at 715-445-2214, extension 13344.

Another thing that has not changed is the historic commitment by Numismatic News to be done by collectors for collectors. It is an outlook that has served this paper well for over 65 years.

This is also a reason why the Letters to the Editor section is so popular. Collectors want to know what others are thinking and doing. Please jump in with emailed submissions to me anytime you’d like as topics of interest catch your attention.

The letters section was a major reason I decided to subscribe to Numismatic News in 1969. The writers were expressing views on topics that I was interested in. What’s more, they were taken seriously by the editor. What more could I have asked as a collector?

Respect for letters and their writers remains a hallmark of the Letters presentation to this day. Take advantage of it.

And don’t forget, when I goof, you should let me know, whether it is a typo or something more serious.

The best proofreaders have always been subscribers, and I will continue to count on you to call me to task when there are slipups.


I hope so. While addresses change, there some things that should never change. Collectors are No. 1.

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