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New holders in 2007

Mint forum on Presidential dollar coins coming in 2007 includes news that proof sets and mint sets will get new holders.
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New holders for annual coin sets are coming was news announced at a U.S. Mint forum held Aug. 18 in Denver discussing the upcoming Presidential dollars and associated programs.

The Mint is investigating new holders for its 2007 uncirculated and proof coin sets. The reason is the four new Presidential dollars will have the date and mintmark on the edge, along with the inscriptions E PLURIBUS UNUM and IN GOD WE TRUST, and collectors will want to see them.

Gloria Eskridge, Mint associate director for sales and marketing, said the Mint recognizes that collectors will need to better see the edge. She was not able to disclose further details.

A tentative release schedule was set for the first four Presidential dollars, all due in circulation in 2007:

  • Feb. 16 for the George Washington dollar
  • May 18 for John Adams
  • Aug. 17 for Thomas Jefferson
  • Nov. 16 for James Madison

The new coins will be treated with a preservative to resist tarnishing, something that has affected Sacagawea dollars made of the same alloy.