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New Fugio variety identified by Stack


Stack?s catalogers have discovered a new Fugio cent variety in a consignment from a Midwest collector slated for the firm?s Jan. 15-16, 2008, Americana Sale.

What?s new about this discovery is that the reverse has never been identified before. The obverse is one seen on other varieties and is classified as Newman 13.

Unlike other reverse dies that were previously known to be married to obverse 13, which exhibit the circular reverse legend arranged with STATES at left and UNITED at right, this one displays the circular reverse legend with UNITED at left and STATES at right.

The position of the central legend WE ARE ONE exhibits differences from any of the prior known UNITED STATES Fugio reverses and has been named ?JJ? by researcher Eric Newman. Both the right foot of the ?W? and the left base of the ?E? in WE gently touch the top of the ?R? in ARE. The right base of the ?E? in WE nearly touches the top of the upright of the ?E? in ARE. The ?A? in ARE furthermore, displays an unusually long left base.

The coin weighs 167.9 grains and is a smooth, medium brown example grading fine to very fine, the firm reported. The dies are oriented ?medal turn.?

This presently unique Newman 13-JJ Fugio cent will be offered for sale in Stack?s upcoming Jan. 15-16, 2008, Americana Sale.

Among other consignments scheduled to be sold in this auction is the first in a series of offerings from the estate of Michael K. Ringo, who happens to be the last numismatist to discover a new Fugio cent variety (Newman 10-OO) about 10 years ago.

For more information on this coin, or the planned Stack?s auction, contact Stack?s, 123 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019; telephone (800) 566-2580; e-mail address The firm?s Web site is