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New elongateds from TEC

Members of The Elongated Collectors received three new elongateds with their latest newsletter.
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Included with the latest edition of the TEC News, the official newsletter of The Elongated Collectors’ club, is the third of four seasonal coins, a fall penny.

The right side of the reverse features an owl facing left raking leaves. The left side has 2005 FALL in a vertical position, while the far right shows T | E | C.

The coin was designed and rolled by Carol Kilcoyne.

Members also received one each of TEC and American Numismatic Association elongateds from the 2005 ANA World’s Fair of Money convention held in San Francisco.

The ANA elongated features a cable car, the Golden Gate Bridge, the old San Francisco Mint and the ANA logo. The TEC elongated features a cable car, the Golden Gate Bridge and the TEC logo.

Both TEC and ANA elongateds convention sets can be ordered for $6 for a six-coin set, or 50 cents for individual elongateds. Seasonal cents are also 50 cents apiece. Members may order without paying in advance and will be billed the full price of the items plus actual shipping costs. Checks should be made out to TEC and sent to Larry White, P.O. Box 85, Liberty Center, OH 43532.