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New Catalogs on the Way & Some Here Today!

KP Update

Most of our editorial work has been completed on the upcoming 4th edition of the Standard catalog of World Coins 18th Century and the 5th edition of Unusual World Coins. Seems like there is never enough time for all the things we want to do, but we do our best to provide a much-improved product with every new edition. Unusual World Coins was substantially expanded, with new issues being added to many sections including a brand new section for the Union of North America and other Daniel Carr coins, many additions to the NORFED - Liberty Dollar listings of silver currency coins, new sets of coins for the Easter Islands and Cabinda, plus a new set of issues from Kurdistan among others.

Other books which have recently returned from the printers and are available at the Krause Books website include the 17th edition of North American Coins & Prices, which covers Mexico, Canada and the United States. This edition carries a cover date of 2008 and has a green and yellow graphic of North America with a sharp Hook Neck Eagle coin superimposed over the top. There are one U.S. and one Canadian coin on the cover also, but the Hook Neck dominates in my opinion.

Also newly released just a week or so ago is the 26th edition of the Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money, edited by George Cuhaj, with market analysis by Bill Brandimore. If you haven't bought a new edition of this book in while, the time has come, as George has added color images to nearly the entire catalog. There are nice sections on Encased Postage Stamps and Postage Stamp Envelopes also, plus a useful rundown of error notes and good listings of Military Payment Certificates. Bill has done an excellent job of revaluing everything as well, especially on the small size currency.

With all of these books through production, I am now moving on to the mammoth task of updating values for the 36th edition of the 20th Century Standard Catalog of World Coins and the 3rd edition of the 21st Century SCWC. This should keep me very busy over the next five or six months as I plow through contributor returns, adjust for the falling dollar, and try to keep pace with sky rocketing precious metals rates. Wish me luck!