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My guide will be George Washington

All these years into the Internet Age, I still receive snail mail regularly.

Yesterday came an anonymous letter. Remember those?

It was postmarked Grand Rapids, Mich.

It reads:

“Mr. Harper:

“You look silly with your bald head. I think you should get a wig; I think the coin market is fading because a lot of investors are catching on to the BS the dealers are pulling. As far as the collecting aspect, the young generation doesn’t care to collect coins. At least most of them don’t, so what you have is a dying breed.

“Sorry, that is the situation."

It is signed, “A collector and investor.”

Underneath he drew a frowning face.

When I get up and shave every morning, I do wish I was younger, thinner and with a full head of hair

Those days are gone.

But my brain is still functioning.

I assume the letter writer would dispute my optimism about the future of coin collecting.

That probably accounts for the opening salvo about the wig.

I suppose, come Halloween, I can try out various style wigs to see if I want the George Washington powdered wig look or the King Louis XIV of France peruke.

But the other 364 days a year, I will stick with my short haircut.

I have worked with individuals who have worn toupees.

It is not on my priority list to go to the bother of it.

Time marches on. I choose to march with it.

When discussing the future of coin collecting, you have to keep in mind that the tastes of each generation are different.

Investors in 1916-D Mercury dimes, 1909-S VDB cents, or Buffalo nickels might be succeeded by those who prefer George Washington medals, Hard Times tokens or MS-70 silver American Eagle sets.

We don’t know.

What I do know is 20th century collectors did not follow the same interests as 19th century collectors.

Why would I expect collectors of the 21st century to have the same interests I had in 1963, 1983 or 2003?

I assume the writer of the letter is old enough to remember when Jefferson nickels were hot in the 1960s.

How did that work out?

Tastes change.

They will always change.

But coin collecting remains.

If I could witness numismatics 50 years from now, I am sure I would be happy with what I see – even if I don’t have any hair.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog for the third time in 2017 . He is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."