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My blog gets NLG award

Among the many awards that the Numismatic Literary Guild gave last night at its annual bash was one that names Buzz the best Internet blog.

I am grateful to the NLG judges for this honor. I am grateful to the readers who take a look at it each day. I look forward to another year of writing it.

The NLG Bash went from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., so I am a little weary this morning.

The Bash was not my first event of the evening. I was also pleased to attend the annual dinner sponsored by CONECA, the Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America. It was also their awards night. There were 22 literary awards given at the dinner, but unfortunately, only seven writers were present to be recognized by their peers.

The highlight of this dinner was when American Numismatic Association President Walter Ostromecki inducted his friend Mark Lighterman into the CONECA Hall of Fame. Lighterman is currently president of the group.

Half roast and half honor, I have not laughed so much during a speech at any other event at the ANA this week. Walt has a gift for mirth and his full talent in this area was on display much to the merriment of everyone present. But it was also serious. Lighterman has done much for the organization. He deserves the honor.

As he pointed out, CONECA has been a much calmer organization in recent years. The internal clashes of years gone by are now just increasingly distant memories. There are big things ahead for both Lighterman and CONECA.

After being up so late, I was grateful that I did not have to get up early to go walk the gold Kennedy sales line. There were signs all over River Road with yesterday's sales cancelation news.

I will see how the gold Kennedy market now plays out on the bourse floor.

One individual who had emailed me before the convention to tell me he was coming to the ANA convention to buy the gold Kennedy coins sent another email overnight to tell me he had canceled his plans. He was not happy with the Mint, with coin dealers generally and me.

Near the end of it he writes: "Print this if u dare u freaking nerd !!"

At least those words are printable in a family publication and gives you some idea of what else is in it.