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Must have been the drive-through

I guess I haven’t been paying close enough attention to my pocket change lately.

Over the Fourth of July weekend I cleaned out the coin tray in my car in preparation for cleaning it up a bit. I didn’t think much of the process until I noticed that two of the dimes happened to be 2009-D.

They won’t make me rich, but it is certainly nice to find coins in change that have been scarce and that are trading on eBay for three or four times face value in roll quantities.

The Philadelphia Mint struck fewer than 100 million of them. The Denver Mint recorded fewer than 50 million.

With numbers like that, it is no wonder that the coins have been hard to find.

I assume that I got them on one of my automobile journeys around the area. I certainly don’t think they came into my hands in Iola.

As with all circulation finds, this proves that with patience, new coins eventually do find their way into commercial channels.

The only other interesting coin in the handful was a VF-XF 1970-S cent. Considering the wear, it would appear it has done its duty to the economy and was not set aside 40 years ago by a collector as excited about “S” mintmarks as I was back then.