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MPC Fest, a fine place to be!

Last weekend Bill Brandimore, I and 50 plus other collectors and wifes attended the 12th MPC Fest in a Holiday Inn Express in Port Clinton, Ohio.

The wives took in two days of local field trips. The festers took in over 30 informative presentations on this numismatic and military related, focused on WWI and WWII stuff.

Among the featured speakers was Lawrence Malkin, author of the recent book - Krueger's Men (about Operation Bernhard). He spoke about the project, unpublished sources and how the movie twisted things around a bit. In attenance also was Hans Walter, on of the last three Operation Bernhard survivors.

Honors for the weekend went to Rachel Feller who won her third Texas hold'em poker tournament. Larry Smulczenski was presented an ANA Presidential Award for his service to the hobby.

For 2012 the fest will probably move to early May. One can keep track of the happenings via the weekly (or so) MPC Gram (icon on the following site), or read up on activities at