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Morgans take some hits in steady market

The coin market appears to be steady, unlike the stock market, but there is no noticeable momentum in either direction. Recent stock price swings are impacting discretionary funds.

CM 0306

There are specialized pockets within the scarce to rare coin market sector that due to keen collector interest have been appreciating modestly. Even in these sectors, any price increases appear to be only for the top quality material. Morgan silver dollars will likely always remain popular, but there have been more pricing minus than plus signs throughout the series this past month.

Key date gold, silver and platinum American Eagle coins have done nothing, while the balance of these coins continue to follow the price of their metal content. Likewise, most modern commemoratives, proof, and mint sets continue to follow their intrinsic value while the scarcer coins remain in a holding pattern.

The metals did surprisingly little during the stock market correction, indicating a lack of market fear and a steadying of the U.S. dollar on the world stage. Generic and collectible but reasonably available coins remain steady, making them a good buy.

What this market needs is an influx of new buyers, be they collectors or speculators. Any volunteers?

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