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More sales numbers and sellouts

Yesterday the proof one-ounce gold Buffalo sold out. The latest sales number is 11,543. That won’t exactly make this issue scarce.

The tenth-ounce proof is also sold out. Its sales total is similar at 10,861.

The proof half ounce, quarter ounce and four-coin set are still on sale. Sales totals are 2,003, 3,909 and 7,287, respectively, for these.

For the uncirculated versions of the Buffalo coin with “W” mintmark, the quarter- and the tenth-ounce are off sale. They have sales totals of 3,787 and 12,608, respectively.

For the uncirculated coins still on sale, the one-ounce is 2,729. The half ounce is 2,474 and the four-coin set is 5,331.

Letting these numbers sink in probably helps in understanding why some collectors are so excited about the platinum American Eagle “W” uncirculated coins with lower sales numbers. The quarter- and tenth-ounce coins are sold out and the individual coin totals are 2,027 and 2,504, respectively. The four-coin set is also sold out. It has a sales number of 2,165.

The ounce and half ounce are still on sale with the sales numbers of 669 and 1,061, respectively

All the proof platinum American Eagles are still on sale and the 10th anniversary set has gone back on sale after a long hiatus. That will disappoint at least one collector who called me several weeks back wondering why I hadn’t declared it sold out so he could sell his sets on eBay for more money.

The uncirculated and proof gold American Eagles are all still on sale as is the uncirculated “W” silver American Eagle. The proof version of the silver American Eagle is no longer available.

To find out the current sales figures that I didn’t provide here, just check the Mint Statistics elsewhere on the Web site.