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More Data Than You Can Handle

I See A Kindle on Steroids in Our Future

Science Magazine
just published a paper by some of the researchers at IBM about a new form of data storage. They are calling it racetrack memory and it has two big advantages over the more rudimentary digital storage mehtods we use today. First it operates on much less power, second it has no moving parts. A third big plus for business and consumers is that it should be much cheaper to produce and maintain.

Seems racetrack memory is similar to flash memory, but it has the advantage of being able to write data, and rewrite if much more often. Racetrack memeory has no moving parts to wear out.

The article I read on FOXNews used the field of music for it's examples. My MP3 player stores about 2500 song right now, some ipods have space for as much as 40,000, but racetrack technology could one day provide us with similar palm devices that could handle upwards of a half million songs. Imagine that, 500,000 songs in your pocket.

Of course the first thing that occured to me was, racetrack memory could give us five volumes of the Standard Catalog of World Coins in our pocket. Now that's really something to imagine!